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PJT Green Plumbing is one of Melbourne’s first companies dedicated to providing sustainable plumbing for the supply and installation of rain water tanks, steel rainwater tanks, underground rain water tanks and Solar Hot water & general plumbing services in Melbourne.

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Green Plumbing

We all have the responsibility to save water and reduce energy consumption and a great way to achieve this is by utilising green plumbing techniques.

Green plumbing consists of environmentally friendly and sustainable plumbing solutions including rainwater tanks, storm water systems, solar hot water, grey water systems, water recycling and water saving devices.

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Clean Up Water
Raising Awareness For A Cleaner Future.

Clean up our water is an organisation funded by PJT Green Plumbing and PJT Sizzle that aim to help with the removal of waste and pests along our coastlines, waterways…

About Green Plumbing

Being an avid scuba diver, our Managing Director, Paul Talbot observed the environmental effects of stormwater discharge on marine ecosystems. This led him to shift our plumbing business focus to specialize in green solutions like rainwater tanks, solar hot water, stormwater systems, and water-saving devices.

Since then, more than twelve years have passed, during which we’ve become known as pioneers in offering comprehensive services for designing, supplying, and installing eco-friendly plumbing solutions for homes, businesses, and government entities.

We are the inaugural company committed to offering sustainable plumbing advice and services to the community, specializing in the installation of rainwater tanks, stormwater solutions, solar hot water systems, and water-efficient devices.

We also provide all manner of general plumbing and gas fitting services.

Our Melbourne based company is conveniently located at 4 Norfolk Crt Coburg Nth, servicing all of Melbourne with our knowledgeable staff – making green plumbing understandable and accessible to all. Our team consists of fully qualified licensed plumbers, customer consultants and support personnel to provide you with professional informative and helpful service and advice for your installation and the rebates available.

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What Our Clients Say
  • Installed high quality (roof) water catchment system on farm for human consumption purposes. Job was high quality, on-time and on budget! Satisfied customer

    Ben Talbot

  • My hot water service was dead and I needed a replacement. Not only was Paul able to deliver the same day, his plumber was professional and did a great job. I would definitely recommend this company.

    Beth Evans

  • Excellent, reliable, high quality and on time plumbing service. Have used multiple times and will continue to use moving forward. Highly recommended. Thanks Paul!

    Elliot Janover

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Need Advice?

We can arrange for one of our experienced Water Saving Plumbers to come out and help you assess your needs.

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